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Rent A Rack

NEW!  RLMEC is now offering our "Rent A Rack" Service

Some clients want to own their own servers, but just don't have the infrastructure or support staff needed to manage their own datacenter.  We fill this need by offering our "Rent A Rack" service.  Here is how it works:

You supply your own RACK MOUNT SERVER of choice. THIS CAN BE ANY RACK MOUNT SYSTEM. We provision the space in our datacenter, put your server in our rack, and hook it to our network infrastructure for internet connectivity. Then we make sure your system is operational, and provide full repair and support service for the PHYSICAL side of the system. (This does NOT include OS or APP management!)  The system remains YOUR equipment as long as it is in our care. If you later want to move it to a new location, we will ship it as desired, and just bill for the shipping. NO LONG TERM CONTRACT IS REQUIRED, AND THE AGREEMENT IS ON A MONTHLY BASIS.

What you get:

  • Your own server of choice placed in service at our datacenter. (powered up and connected)
  • Dedicated IPs as needed.
  • High speed network connectivity (guaranteed 35D x 5U bandwidth via Time Warner Business Class service)
  • 1 to 1 NAT, and VPN service as needed. (we use Cisco Business Class Routers)
  • On-site tech support in case of any system failures (if your system fails, we will fix it and bill you for it per your approval. Please note that this is for physical server maintenance and repair only. If your system is under warranty, we can ship it as needed for repairs.)
  • 30 minutes of guaranteed back-up UPS power in case of site power failures (we will be expanding this soon)
  • System Backups.  We will back up your entire system to our storage servers on a weekly basis. Daily back-ups are optional for a slight upgrade fee.
  • Insurance to cover any potential catastrophic events. (if our datacenter should burn down or something, your system will be covered)

How we bill:

First, we charge by RU space being used in our rack, then we charge by ports being connected to our network infrastructure. Costs to power the system, internet connectivity, and system services are included in the rental agreement.

  • $35/month per RU
  • $25/month per port
  • $15/month for DAILY BACKUPS UPGRADE (per 500GB data space required)
  • 1 shared IP standard
  • $40/month per block of 5 static IPs Optional upgrade 

For example, if you have a 1RU server with 1 NIC ports, your monthy cost would be $60.  If your server suffers a system failure, we fix it and bill you for ONLY the parts. Or, we ship the system to your choice of repair depot, and bill you for shipping only.  Because we maintain full system backups on site, we can bring up a Virtual Server to keep your sites live while your physical system is being repaired. The system would be rolled back to the last backup. (either the weekly, or daily, depending upon your service option.)

You can pre-configure your server however you want before shipping it to us. We will provide you with the static IPs needed, or we can configure the ports once we receive your server (free).  Or, we can completely configure your server as needed for you, as a fresh installation. (For a 1 time fee of $150)

As far as we know, we are the only company offering this type of service.


We want to provide our customers with good service, and WE DO NOT work with criminals.  If you have criminal intentions, please go somewhere else for service because if you come to us, you WILL get caught.




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Rent A Rack

Rent rack space in our dedicated datacenter, and we will put it online and maintain your equipment.
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