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Game Server Hosting

We provide Game Server hosting for selected games.
We can host most any Windows based game that is written for dedicated game servers, and has Steam support.

We are currently hosting the following game servers:

  • 7 Days To Die

We host game servers both from our own datacenter, and also via Microsoft Azure.

Our 7 Days to Die Servers:

Fort Bragg NC Server-X (hosted from our datacenter)
Fort Bragg Cloud Server-X (hosted on our Azure account)

Jump on and play! Our 7 Days to Die servers are NOT password protected.

Contact us for more information regarding hosting game servers.

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CLOUD Hosted Game Server (Monthly)

Our Cloud Hosted Game Server Provides a Virtual Machine (VM) running Windows 7

RLMEC Hosted Game Server (Monthly)

Our RLMEC Hosted Game Servers Provides a Virtual Machine (VM) running Windows 7 in our data center