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Dedicated Servers

We get great deals on HP Proliant Servers that come off-lease, and are factory refurbished.  This is because typically the "big boys" are moving to "blade servers".  We are sticking to the rack mount servers, which helps us keep our costs down.  These are still GREAT servers, just not "cutting edge" as far as the industry is concerned. Blade servers allow data centers to put MANY more servers in a smaller footprint, and operate at lower energy costs.  It also locks them (web hosting providers) into the specific server platform, because blade servers are not stand-alone systems.  This comes with a significant cost.  With Blade Servers, you HAVE to add servers that are part of the basic platform (server series) as you expand, and they ARE NOT CHEAP. 

We will stick to the rack mount servers for now, due to these cost advantages, which really don't come with a performance hit at all.

With this, we can provide dedicated servers for our clients at a MUCH lower cost than any competitors that we know of. Basically, what we do is stick a new server in our rack (like the ones we sell), and lease it to you at a great price.

Because of this, we can offer DEDICATED SERVERS at incredibly low pricing. NO other web hosting provider offers this as far as we know.  Check around and see, and be sure to ask about what you are getting...  :-)

Contact us today about our Dedicated Server Program!