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About Us

Unlike many hosting providers, our hosting plans are about "FUNCTIONALITY" and not the "SELL".

We do not sell hosting plans by making them look pretty with "unlimited" this, or "unlimited" that.  Having unlimited websites in your hosting plan is MEANINGLESS if the plan does not include sufficient server resources to run them.  We found out first hand that this is the "dirty little secret" of the industry.  The market model for most hosting providers is to sell the low cost plans and then up-sell you later to a more expensive plan, once you find out the original plan is not sufficent to run your DotNet application on (or a few applications, as in our case).

We decided to get into the hosting business because we were having so much trouble with the hosting plans we had with other Hosting Service Providers, concerning their typical plan offerings.  We had about a dozen websites to manage for ourselves, and several clients running NopCommerce sites.  The problem was, although these hosting companies provided "unlimited" this or that, they did not provision enough server resources to run NopCommerce with some plug-ins we had purchased, and wanted to use.  We literally spent weeks on the phone with their tech support personnel only to get a run-around, and finally were told that we needed to upgrade to a higher cost plan (which didn't work either!).

The problem boils down to App Pool Memory (APM) resources.  Most shared hosting plans provide very little APM.  When the APM is exhausted, the application errors out, and then restarts.  If you are having problems with your NopCommerce site, this is likely the cause.  You ISP will most likely give you the run-around about the problem (just as we encountered), tell you that the application is not "optimized", and then try to up-sell you to a more expensive hosting plan, such as VPS or a dedicated server.  These plans are their true "bread and butter" accounts, and they are EXPENSIVE.  You could easilly purchase a good server for the cost of ONE YEAR of these hosting plans that they offer.  What they count on is that you do not have the technical expertise to manage an in-house server.  Most likely, unless you have a dedicated IT staff, you don't.

We decided that the best option for us was to spend the money on bandwidth and host our own websites.  This made good strategic sense for us, because we already had the server resources, and our own humble data center that we could run our websites on.  We decided to step it up a notch, and spend more money on server resources and infrastructure, and avoid the high cost of having our website hosted by other providers. One of the main principles of our company has been a CNE since 1996, and has worked in very large corporate (government actually) networking environments.  Managing a small server farm is not a problem.

Since we now have the infrastructure, we thought we would make this service available to others wanting to have their NopCommerce websites hosted by a provider who provisions enough server resources and bandwidth to allow NopCommerce to run as it should.

We can provide these services at a very affordable price, because our main purpose is simply to cover the costs of the internet connection for our own websites, as well as for our clients that we have developed websites for, and provide a reasonable ROI on the infrastructure and server farm as we go.  This is a very different market model than any you will find in the Internet Hosting Services market.

We also sell what we use.  You can find great deals on our various servers and equipment in the product section, if your organizatin should have need of a local server, or if you are building a corporate intranet.  We can also build custom servers to your specifications.